Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sprint Launches WiMAX Desktop Service Sprint Launches Mobile 4G Internet For Your Desktop, $50 per month for 3Mbps

X has been around for a while, but it's rollout has been slow. Now,
Sprint is offering a WiMAX modem for their 4G network that will offer
home desktop users speeds of 3-6 Mbps. The intended target is people who
live in areas where cable or DSL internet isn'tย available, but Sprint's
4G coverage is.
The Motorola modem, which was previously sold with Clearwire's WiMAX
internet service, will set Sprint consumers back $150. The monthly fee
will be $50 per month, with a two-year agreement. Thankfully, Sprint
isn't capping the bandwidth (yet) on these modems. The modem itself
isn't anything special, just a simple WiMAX radio and an Ethernet port.
Surely there are places where cable and DSL internet aren't available,
but how many of those places will have solid 4G coverage? Sprint's
strategy may be a bit confusing. Their monthly rates are good – in
fact, beat most competing AirCard rates from AT T and Verizon. For those
interested, the Sprint Home WiMAX modem is now out.
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