Monday, 1 March 2010

Windows 7 Surpasses Mac OS X in Sales Microsoft Sold More Windows 7 Copies Than All Mac OS X Versions Sold to Date

You can go ahead and act all surprised but that doesn t make it less
true. It looks like Microsoft has managed to sell a lot of Windows 7
copies. In fact the Redmond-based company has sold more Windows 7 copies
than all the Mac OS X version sold to date.Sure you ll say that Microsoft
has its claws nicely wrapped around the world when it comes to
computer operating systems. Windows is the most widely used OS. Whether
we re talking about Windows 7, Windows XP and even Vista, and whether we
re talking about legit or pirated copies, the fact is that Microsoft
still dominates the OS market.
Sure Apple has a totally stable and �out of the box � OS but not
everyone can afford to buy a machine running Mac OS X. It s not
surprising at all that companies would rather buy an OS that can be used
on various machines thus cutting costs significantly instead of having
to buy more expensive Apple computers.
What s surprising is that so many people decided to upgrade to Windows 7
in more than a month after Windows 7 s release. It looks like the latest
OS launched by Microsoft powers between 5% and 5.14% of all computers
online now. The truth is that so many people have been waiting to dump
Windows Vista that you shouldn t be surprised in any way to see Windows
7 sale grow at such rate. In fact that s another proof that Vista was a
poor product which hurt even more the Windows brand.
Steve Ballmer himself told shareholders last week that Windows 7 has
sold twice the number of copies as any other Microsoft operating system
in the same time span, without specifying any numbers. Although the
comparison is welcomed we will keep in mind that computers nowadays are
a lot more cheaper and hence there are a lot more computer users than a
few years ago when Windows XP was launched. So it s only natural for
those sales to go up. Windows 8 for that matter, will sell even better.
What s your opinion on Windows 7? Would you switch to Mac OS X
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