Monday, 1 March 2010

Netronix Android eBook Coming Soon Netronix Developing Android-based eBook Reader

If you had doubts that Android was taking over the world, this should
help to convince you otherwise as Google's OS (which was only released
one year ago) is now spreading to the ebook r
eader market, as Netronix is planning to release eBook readers sporting
Netronix, a Taiwan company better known for their network equipment,
have recently ventured into eBook readers. Their current incarnation is
selling well, with them reporting to DigiTimes that they are moving
60,000 a month. Netronix is now working with Texas Instruments to work
on an eBook reader that will run Android.
The Android reader will be able to interact with other Android devices.
Why you would want to do this, is stillย unexplainedย by Netronix.
Netronix promised that its eBook readers would also feature 3G/3.5G
connectivity, possibly rivaling the Amazon WhisperNet connectivity found
on the Amazon Kindle. Netronix told the DigiTimes that it wants their
next eBook readers to also be 'personal communication devices'.
The company chairman told DigiTimes that they expect these
Android-powered 3G eBook readers to be unveiled 'mid-2010′.
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