Monday, 1 March 2010

Nokia Sticking With Symbian Finish Cell Phone Manufacturer Commits To Symbian, Only One New Linux-based Phone

Nokia, which is still the world's #1 mobile phone manufacturer
(remember, not all mobile phones are flashy smartphones that us
technophiles use), is going to stick with the Symbian OS, according to a
source inside Nokia. When the flagship Nokia N900 was
releasedย earlierย this month running Linux-based Maemo, it started
rumors that Nokia would abandon Symbian for Maemo.
A source inside Nokia spoke to international wire service Reuters, and
reported that only one Nokia phone will sport Maemo next year, and that
all other Nokia phones will come with Symbian. The source reports that
Nokia sees Maemo as a platform for competing against popular phones like
the iPhone and Android-equipped models, but only plans to sport the
Linux-based OS on phones competing against those models.
The Nokia N900, Nokia's top-of-the-line phone and MID was released
earlier this month sporting Nokia's Maemo, however, that won't become
the norm. Despite still being the #1 overall cell phone maker, increased
popularity in iPhones, Blackberries and Droids has hurt the Finish company.
Earlier this year, we reported on a rumor that Nokia was abandoning
Symbian for Google's popular Android mobile OS. Last year, Nokia stopped
their Japanese business divison and revealed that they want to be an
'Internet company . Despite recent setbacks, BusinessWeek found that
Nokia was the world's #5 mostย valuableย globalย marketingย brand. This
Tuesday is Nokia's Captial Markets Day, held at Nokia's Headquarters in
Espoo, Finland. Expect more information to be release this week.

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