Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Vodafone Announces Pricing, Plans For iPhone Vodafone iPhone Plans Starting At £30

About 10 days ago, British mobile phone giant Vodafone announced it
would stop carrying the HTC HD2 in favor of Apple's finest. While
Vodafone won't have the iPhone out to their customers before Christmas,
they have announced the pricing for the iPhone plans.
Vodafone's iPhone plan will set you back pound sterling30 a month for a
two-year contract, with a free 8GB iPhone 3G. Consumers who want the
3GS 32GB iPhone will have to dish out another pound sterling239. While
the plan includes unlimited text messages, Vodafone has included a 1GB
monthly internet usage cap. Byย comparison, iPhone rival carrier Orange
has a slightly lower cap of 750MB per month. WiFi is unlimited on the phone.
As for pricing, the BBC reports that Vodafone's pound sterling30 monthly
cost is in line with O2's (pound sterling35) and Orange's (also pound
sterling30). A nice feature is that Vodafone will let you use your
iPhone as a wireless modem for your notebook – at the price of
pound sterling5 for every 500 MB used.
Although Vodafone's decision to drop the HTC HD2 and carry the iPhone
caught many by surprise – a Vodafone exec told the BBC they had
been preparing to switch to the iPhone for over a year. British folks
who are keen on Vodafone can pickup the iPhone from that carrier on
January 14th.
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