Thursday, 1 April 2010

Aigo EB6301 eBook Reader Revealed China's Aigo Prepares Kindle clone eBook Reader, 2GB

China's Aigo is preparing their own eBook reader. The EB6301 is very,
very Kindle-like with the wide, flat, whiteย appearance about it. The
EB6301 sports 2GB of internal memory and is a bit steep in price, but
for now it only appears to be heading for a Chinese release only.
The EB6301 is sporting a 6-inch E-ink screen, which is the same as the
entry level Kindle (although the high-end Kindle DX packs a large
screen). The EB630
1 will run almost any type of media you want – TXT, PDF, DOC, HTML
and will play MP3 music files as well. Unfortunately the device only has
a small speaker and no audio port, which could make bus
reading-and-listening uncomfortable.
The EB6301 comes with 2GB of internal memory (same as the Kindle 2, vs.
4GB of the Kindle DX), and also comes with a SD memory slot for more
memory expansion. Unfortunately, the EB6301 only has USB connectivity,
with no WiFi or cell radio connectivity. The EB6301 is now shipping in
China for ๅ…�2499 ($366).
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