Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nippon Institute of Technology Reveals New Robot New Educational Robot Stands 4 Feet Tall, Teaches Kids About Robots

We all know the Japanese love humanoid robots. The newest cyborg
creation to come out of that country is the Nippon Institute of
Technology's e-NUVO walk bot. The robot pal stands about four feet tall,
and will help education school children.

e-NUVO was constructed with help from Harada Vehicle Design, ZMP and
ZNUG Design. It's size was picked to make it roughly the same size of an
elementary school student. It's purpose is to go into schools and teach
said elementary school kids about… robots, specifically humanoid
The 4 foot tall, 15kg robot has 21 degrees of freedom, and comes with
cameras, accelerometers and tons of sensors, all which help
itย achieveย bipedal walking and navigation. The droid has some
preprogrammed control patterns, but can be controlled via a remote or a
PC. In addition to talking – he even has a built in projector to
display images and video on a flat surface (R2-D2's holoprojector
– anybody?)
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