Friday, 26 March 2010

T-Mobile BOGO Offer on All Smartphones Announced T-Mobile Brings Buy-One-Get-One-Free Special Offer Until December 20

With Christmas just one week away, it's only natural that most of us
have sent our letters to Santa, however if you're one of the lucky guys
not to (I know it sounds weird but bear with me) better tell the old guy
that T-Mo
bile have officially announced that their BOGO special offer is now
available in all stores and for ALL smartphones.
Yes you got that right, one of those hot smartphones you've been
dreaming of (maybe the BlackBerry 9700, the myTouch 3G, HTC's Touch Pro
2 or how about the BlackBerry 8520) could be yours for free if you sign
up with T-Mobile for two new lines in order to quality for the buy one
get one free promotion.
Of course, remember to tell fatty that the BOGO deal is only available
until December 20, so better have Rudolf and the other guys ready for a
trip to a T-Mobile store to grab what you wish this year. And point him
in the right direction as the offer varies by region, with New York
having it, but not in LA.
However, word is that no matter where Santa is, if he has proof that
other retails stores have the promotion, they'll honor it, too. So
better send that mail to Finland, NOW!
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