Friday, 26 March 2010

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Threatens the Future of App Stores Fennec to Change the Way We Look at App Stores?

In just 18 months we have become pretty used to App Stores. The trend
set by Apple was quickly followed by everyone else in the business and
we re probably going to see plenty of app store solutions in the near
future. But will modern mobile browsers slowly kill app stores? Will we
end up relying on web apps capable to
run in certain browser, just as Chrome OS proposes?It looks like
Mozilla is confident that will happen at some point in the future.
Fennec is the codename for Firefox Mobile and the new mobile browser
should be available soon for multiple platforms. Available at first on
the Nokia N900, Fennec will quickly arrive to Windows Mobile and Android
Firefox Mobile has apparently the fastest Javascript engine which means
that developers could create apps for the browser instead of making
different versions of the app for different platforms. Such an endeavor
makes sense but will it be achieved anytime soon? Will we see developers
start making apps ready to run in browsers or will they prefer to make
individual apps for every different environment.
Mozilla s concept is definitely worth checking out. The only problem is
that not every phone manufacturer out there will be interested in using
Fennec as the default browser.
Fennec promises a lot of features for a mobile browser. Those of you
already used to browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox will find
Fennec very similar. The Awesome Bar is still there, bookmarks and
browsing history are going to be available too and the mobile browser
can be synchronized to your desktop. That way you will be able to keep
browsing through the same sites even if you have to leave the computer
as the syncing is done in real time.
Firefox Mobile will also support browser add-ons and multiple tab
support which means that our mobile Internet browsing experience should
be fairly similar to our desktop Internet browsing experience. Does that
mean web apps will take over in the very near future?
It remains to be seen if Fennec can be a fast and stable universal
mobile browser solution before we re ready to replace regular apps and
app stores with web based apps and new concept stores.
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