Friday, 26 March 2010

Sony e-Readers Get New York Post & Dow Jones Content Exclusive Content Deal for Sony's e-Readers Official

We at TFTS really think that next year could (easily) be called the
Year of the e-book . Just like netbooks, it looks like every electronics
company out there, be it small startups or establi
shed giants, want to market an e-reader device. And although some are
already in the market and selling like hot cakes — Amazon Kindle,
Sony reader or the Barnes Noble Nook, there are even more waiting in
line to make it for next year.
Speaking of Sony, the company is doing everything possible for a bigger
slice of the pie. Hence why they have announced that their Sony Reader
Daily Edition — an e-reader device made exclusively for getting
periodic news and content such as those from newspapers and magazines,
will tie-up with the New York Post and Down Jones in an exclusive deal
for content. And that means that from now, Sony will be the only one
offering a digital version of the New York Post.
Along with the NYP, there are various publications by Dow Jones
Company — such as The Wall Street Journal or MarketWatch, that
will be available in. On top of that the Daily Edition will also include
a Sony exclusive The Wall Street Journal PLUS — a digital edition
of the morning paper which will also feature an update of the day's
events after the close of the markets.
Daily newspaper subscriptions for the Sony Reader Daily Edition run
between $9.99 and $19.99 per month.
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