Tuesday, 23 March 2010

AAXA Unveils New M1 Micro Projector M1 Touted to Be World’s Smallest Micro Projector

Just a while ago we were talking about pico projectors and now i
t seems that we have moved to micro projectors. AAXA is the company that
says it has launched the world s smallest micro projector. The M1 is
certainly very small, but is it enough to meet our projecting
needs?After all, a portable mini projector will never satisfy those
people that rely solely on projectors to watch their favorite movies and
TV shows. But such a projector will definitely be very useful in a
business environment where presentations on the go happen all the time.
Curios what you can expect from the M1 micro projector from AAXA? Here s
a quick rundown of features and specs:Native SVGA (800×600)
resolution Ultra-bright 66 Lumen LED light source 1GB onboard memory +
SD card reader Input support: See Technical Info below RMVB, MP3, AVI,
JPG decoder Projects up to a 100-inch image -In low-light conditions
Optional iPod, PSP, PDA, DVD input cables
The micro projector is available in two flavors. The M1 Standard
available for pre-order at $369 supports composite A/V input while the
M1 Plus, available for pre-order at $399 supports both VGA and composite
A/V inputs.
The projector promises �super color and image quality � thanks to a
single LED light source that eliminates motion blur and color break up.
The LED lamp will last for about 15,000 hours which means you re more
likely to change projectors before the LED lamp actually fails. Unlike
conventional lamp projectors, the M1 will achieve full brightness in
about 5 seconds as there s no bulb warm-up time. That also means you can
turn it off instantly when you re done using it.
The M1 is pretty eco-friendly too. We ve just established that it
consumes less power as it uses a LED lamp capable of instantly
delivering results but the M1 is also free of mercury. That should be
one more reason for you to get an M1 Standard or M1 Plus in case you re
looking for a portable mini / pico / micro projector.
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