Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sony Satio Gets Fixed Sony Ericsson's Satio Gets Over-The-Air Firmware Update, Still Not On Sale

Last month we told you about the outstanding issues with the Sony
Ericsson Satio, particularly that the phone was shutting off r
andomly when you opened certain applications. This 'serious software
bug' led to some British phone retailers to stop carrying the phone
during the holiday season.
The Sony Ericsson Satio, which was released in the UK two months ago on
telcom Vodafone, wasย accompaniedย by a large public marketing campaign.
The phone, which is a high-end offering on the Sony Ericsson line, then
was plagued by this software bug where the phone would randomly shut off
on users.
Sony Ericsson denied the seriousness of this bug, but did confirm that
it couldn't be patched over-the-air.ย This led some British phone
retailers to stop carrying the phone during the busy holiday season,
despite Sony Ericsson's marketingย campaignย still going strong.
Fast forward to today, when Sony Ericsson did release an over-the-air
firmware update, which is supposed to address these issues (yes, despite
their ownย earlierย claim that they can't fix it over-the-air.) To
deepen the plot, not all regions received the firmware update, with no
comment from Sony Ericsson.
According to user reports on the internet, those that
haveย receivedย the firmware update are pleased with the results, with
one internet commentator reporting that the phone was 'more speedy'. It
also reportedly fixes the power-down problem. ย No word on why it hasn't
been released world-wide, yet, on all networks.
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