Tuesday, 9 March 2010

iWallet Protects Your Money $600 Carbon Fiber Wallet Features Bluetooth, Fingerprint Scanner

Enter the iWallet, a $600 wallet that is made out of a hardshell of
carbon-fiber and Kelvar, and hard locks shut, keeping evildoers away
from your cash. The company making these (iWallet USA) says that the
wallet was developed by 'engineers that work in projects with NASA'.
The iWallet features a Bluetooth connection thatย tethersย to your
mobile phone. When the iWallet is 15-30 feet away from your phone, it
starts alertin
g you with an audio alarm – which couldย potentiallyย keep you
from losing your wallet or phone, unless you lose both in which case you
are out of luck.
That's all the Bluetooth does, a feature keeping track of how much cash
you have on hand or maybe an app that keeps track of how much credit you
have on your cards would be cool – but probably hard to code. A
TFTS writer can dream, can't he?
The hardshell wallet also features a fingerprint scanner to keep
undesirables from getting into your wallet, if you do lose it. Although
I'm sure the technology is improved, I once was issued a university
notebook that came with a fingerprint scanner and it often took me a few
tries to get the thing to unlock – imagine being first in line at
Starbucks and being unable to unlock your wallet.
At any rate, the iWallet is shipping in a few weeks at a steep cost of
$600 for the carbon fiber/kevlar (aka bullet proof) model or only $300
for the fiberglass one that doesn't exactly sound secure to me.
They'reย undoubtedlyย cool gadgets, but the price is a bit high right
now to be practical, unless you carry US Treasury Bonds around in your
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