Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Optus Voice to Text Service Gets Official Optus and SpinVox Launch New Voice to Text Service

What do you prefer, voice messages or text messages? In case you d
rather receive text messages from your family and friends then maybe you
should check Optus new voice to text service powered by SpinVox.Optus
has announced today a new service, the Voice to Text, which will let
Optus customers convert all their VoiceMails into text messages.
Instead of listening your boss yelling at you
in a nasty VoiceMail you can simply have it converted into a text
message that comes with absolutely no yelling on board.
You can read the text version of any VoiceMail you select and then reply
to it, forward it to others and save it for your records. The caller s
number is present which means you should have no problem contacting him
or her immediately after reading the new VoiceMail. The message is
marked as VoiceMail so you ll always be able to tell the difference
between various SMS messages.
The service is powered by SpinVox which makes the whole voice to SMS
text transition possible. Anandh Maistry, vice president for Asia
Pacific, SpinVox had this to say about the new service from Optus:
This deal not only brings voicemail to text to Optus mobile customers it
also adds to the millions of SpinVox users on five continents who are
already enjoying the power of reading their voice messages. Voice to
text is a truly exciting category of voice service which is spreading
across the globe at an impressive rate and is now the fastest-growing
network service since SMS.
SpinVox takes care of the whole voice to text conversions. Thanks to its
human assisted Voice Message Conversation System you ll be able to read
all your future VoiceMails instead of listening to them.
All Optus customers will automatically be able to try the new Optus
Voice to Text service free of charge for 14 days. In case they decide to
continue the service after the trial period, the customers will have to
pay an extra $6.99 for the service which includes unlimited messages.
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