Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sony Ericsson Satio Hands On Review Pending Satio Review (Post Update) in the Works

By way of a brief heads up, if you re thinking of getting your hands on
a Satio you may want to hang tight as Sony Ericsson s PR agents have
been kind/brave enough to ship one to us " post up
date/bug fixes " and we re putting it through its paces right now.
If you re familiar with our reviews you ll know that we don t hold back
on offering honest, to the point appraisals that put the end user first
on and above trying to build relations with suppliers/agencies/brand
names so you can expect the full low down as to how we rate the Satio
now that certain issues have been fixed. And, yes, we will be directly
comparing it with the iPhone.
Expect the full, un-restrained review soon (we'll offer a direct link
through from here, of course).
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