Thursday, 18 March 2010

LG XNote LGX30 Gets FCC Clearance Ultrathin LG Netbook Submitted to FCC, US Release Coming Soon?

LG has submitted their ultra-thin netbook attempt to the Federal
Communications Commission. The FCC's Report reveals pictures of the
ultra-thin computer and should signal that the 11 netbook is coming to
American shores soon.
The LG XNote LGX30 sports a thin, sleek design (a bit MacBook-esque,
maybe?). The netbook w
ill weigh only 1.74 pounds, and comes with a 3-cell battery. The specs
are as follows – 11.6 LCD Screen, a SSD hard drive, an Intel Atom
processor (no clockspeedย announced) and Intel GMA 500 video. No amount
of RAM has been declared, but the LGX30 will come with Bluetooth, WiFi
and a webcam.
South Korea's LG rarely releases their computers here in the United
States, so the LGX30 could be a test case. No pricing was revealed, but
expect the LGX30 to run between $500-$600. No timeline on a release
wasย announcedย either, but with the netbook being submitted for FCC
approval, it's close, probably no earlier than March of 2010.
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