Thursday, 18 March 2010

Opera Mobile Browser Comes To Android Android OS Getting Opera Mobile, Competition to Default Web Browser

The Norwegians at Opera have released a fullย versionย of their popular
Opera Mobile web browser for the Android
platform. Unlike the Opera Mini currently featured on the Android
Market, Opera Mobile is a fully-featured mobile web browser and a
seriousย competitorย to the built-in browser.
The Opera Mini currently out for consumers to try in the Android Market
is not the 'real' mobile web browser, as it's a trimmed down version
designed for non-smartphones (aka,ย dumb phones). Opera has finished the
code on the full Opera Mobile, which has been out on Windows Mobile (and
other mobile platforms) for some time.
Unlike other browsers out for the Android, where they are just
modifications of Android's default browser, Opera Mobile is a completely
different browser, with a different rendering engine. Unfortunately,
Opera Mobile won't be out for consumers to try on their Android handsets
yet. The software can only be included on an Android phone by the telcom
providers, although, the internet crowd will likely be able to get a
hacked version working soon.
Opera has been an extremely revolutionary web browser company, as they
invented features that are now commonplace in our desktopย browsersย -
like tabs and browser-side pop-up blocking, but theirย market shareย in
the desktop has never been impressive. Instead, Opera has been one of
the better mobile phone browsers, and their web browser also has a
version that runs on the Nintendo DS handheld.
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