Sunday, 28 March 2010

Santa Claus Gets New Sleigh Courtesy of GE GE Global Research Designs High Tech Santa Sleigh

Have you been goo
d or bad this year? Either way Santa Claus is going to pay you a visit
in just a few days. No matter if he s bringing you a brand new toy to
play with or a few pieces of coal, he still needs a powerful sleigh to
carry all the gifts for all those kids of all ages on our overcrowded
It looks like GE Global Research has decided to come up with a new
sleigh for Santa and the machine they have designed is going to blow
your mind. As you can already see from the picture the reindeer are gone
for a while and the sleigh itself looks pretty compact. Which makes me
wonder as to where will Santa deposit all those gifts. Oh, and don t
worry, Santa will still rely on the reindeer to drive the sleigh.
GE s Santa sleigh concept features 10 Global Research technologies that
�could improve Santa s experience. � So let s take a look at each of
them:Icephobic Coatings " sprayed on the exterior will prevent ice
buildup while travelling through new fallen snow Self-powered OLED
lighting " these OLEDs do not require a power outlet thus Santa will
have the best lighting conditions available Ceramic Matrix Composites "
the sleigh blades are made of super durable CMC Carbon Fiber Composites
" the sleigh will be easier to pull for the reindeer as it is made
from a material lighter than metal but just as strong GE Sodium
Batteries " the batteries will help Santa power the sleigh when the
reindeers go on coffee breaks GE Trip Optimizer " cruise control is
definitely something Santa needs in order to travel around the globe as
efficiently as possible Wearable RFID Sensor " the sensor can check the
freshness of the milk and the cookies in order for Santa not to get a
bug while travelling around the world 500GB Holographic Disc " what
else should Santa use for storing all those Christmas wishes? Wireless
Medical Sensor " the sensor monitors Santa s heartbeats. Better have
one on board although Santa will never be in any danger. Asset
Intelligence Tracking Tech " the elves at the North Pole can keep an
eye on things from the distance.
Santa's new sleigh – interactive animation:
As you can see, GE has everything figured out for Santa. Although I bet
Santa s sleigh is already packed with a lot of high tech material we don
t even know about!
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