Sunday, 28 March 2010

Digital Storm Core i5-750 to Rock as Core i7 Do Powerfull Digital Storm Gaming Computer for the Budget Gamer

8217;s a fact that budget gamers trying to get most of their rig have
heard a thing or two about overclocking their processor's specs in BIOS
and about adding all sorts of cooling fans to make sure it won't blow on
them. And although it's actually a bye-bye to your machine's warranty,
you did, we did and it's a fact that many have done and will do it again.
Well guys, things are looking good for us as the folks from Digital
Storm have come out with a new gaming unit that uses an overclocked Core
i5 processor that manges to keep up with those powerful Core i7, yet
brings a three year warranty. Speaking of tweaking the system, the
customized machine runs on a Core i5-750 at 2.67GHz but clocks at 3.80
GHz (from the factory) that costs merely $1,900. For an extra $45 you're
getting the CPU at 3.9GHz while $199 lands you in the 4GHz+ league.
Sounds like a great thing if you consider that the Core i7 would have
you shell out at least $3,000 – $4,000 and the numbers seem the
same. Don't you think?
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