Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Q-TV Hidden Speaker System 2.1 Speaker Setup Hides Behind Your HDTV, VESA Mounting, HD Audio

Q Acoustics of the UK has developed the Q-TV a discreet 2.1 speaker
setup that sleekly hides behind your flatscreen HDTV, by attaching to
the TV's VESA mounting interface. In addition to the two speakers, a
subwoofer is is nestled up against the back of you
r display.
The Q-TV is a HD audio system that comes in at a total of 100 watts.
The VESA mounting can fit HDTVs between 30 and 42 in size. The
speakers are adjustable so they canย discreetlyย fit against the sides
of the TV. The sub is only 1.5 inches thick and is vibration-free.
Right now, the Q-TV is only out in the UK, with pricing information out.
Americans who want more audio with their HDTVs have nothing to fear, as
the Q-TV is coming soon to North America. The Q-TV will be shown off at
CES, where pricing andย availabilityย will be announced.
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