Monday, 22 March 2010

Pikavu GPS Tracker Released For Protective Parents Pikavu's Express Locator GPS System Uses Satellite Technology To Keep Watch of Children

Vision Location Systems has released the Pikavu Express Locator GPS
Tracker for parents who want to use GPS technology to keep an eye on
their children. The Pikavu GPS tracker system includes a GPS watch for
kids and a portable receiver for parents, providing a street-level view
of where your children are at all times.
While the Pikavu GPS tracking system may seem a bit too big brother
for some, it provides a sense of safety to parents whose kids tend to
stray beyond the beaten path.ย The Pikavu Express Locator is simply the
GPS-version of the classic child leash, with all the same stigma but a
lot more functionality.
The Pikavu's GPS watch is water and impact resistant, has a child (and
stranger) lock to prevent its removal and packs a battery life of up to
4.5 days.ย The receiver of the Pikavu system features a 4.2 touch
screen with either an overhead display on a map or a directional arrow
if you're off-the-grid.
The Pikavu Express Locator is available for purchase now on the Pikavu
website ( and sells for roughly $1,440 after
conversion (priced at 990 euros).
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