Monday, 22 March 2010

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver Revealed Small Belkin Receiver Streams Music From Phone To Your Stereo System

Belkin's plainly named 'Bluetooth Music Receiver' allows you to stream
music from your phone to your stereo. The device is small and compact,
and connects via 3.5mm headphone jack to your set of speakers – or
your elite Hi-Fi Stereo Set.
The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver can be paired up to six devices at a
single time, and being equipped with Bluetooth 2.0, it can stream music
from devices up to 33 feet away – which should cover a wide enough
cut of anybodies' house.
It can stream music from any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled device. Belkin's
website very politely points out that that includes all variants of the
iPhone, as well as the second generation iPod Touch. If you're
interested, the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is the size of a Yo-yo
and will cost you $50. It's now shipping from Belkin's online store.
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