Thursday, 18 March 2010

Paramount Launching Video Clip Service Site Will Sell You Your Favorite Movie Clips, Just The Clips

Paramount will soon be launching an online service that will allow users
(business users only at first, then consumers) to purchase video clips
from movies. Only clips will be sold – not the entire movie.
The site will allow you to search for an actor, a movie, a location, gen
re, or line of dialog, and then let you purchase that clip, presumably,
in a downloadable DRM-free video format. The cost of the clip depends on
it's popularity (A clip from 2005's War of the Worldsย will cost more
than say – Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus), and the length of the
Some have speculated that the purpose of the service is to allow ad
companies quick access to movie clips for ad campaigns. The service's
success in the consumer market, depends on the licenses of the video
clips. If a user who purchases a clip is allowed free reign to include
it in their YouTube videos or other home video creations – this
service could be popular. If the DRM is restrictive – don't expect
many to bother. The site launched for business customers yesterday with
no word on pricing yet.
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