Thursday, 18 March 2010

Samsung Plans To Produce Tablets Samsung Details Plans For Tablet PC, Multitouch Monitors, 3D Monitors, too

Samsung has revealed that they plan to produce a Tablet PC before the
end of 2010. An employee in their Australianย divisionย
revealed that the South Korean mothership is firmly behind entering the
Tablet PC space. They also hinted that new 3D and multi touch monitors
would be released from the PC manufacturing giant.
The Samsung rep left the door open as too if the upcoming Samsung
tablets will be a button-less tablet (like the JooJoo), or one with a
plastic keyboard (like a conversion notebook-tablet).
Noย commitmentsย to a timeline were revealed other than
'beforeย theย end of 2010′.
The leak also revealed that Samsung is planning to spread the touch
technology around. They will includeย multi touchย technology in
notebooks, and regular standalone monitors. As for 3D monitors, Samsung
is working closely with American graphics giant NVIDIA to produce more
3D monitor technology.
Finally, Samsung's rep said that the company plans to use LED backlights
for all of their monitors by the end of the year, phasing out the CCFL
tech they use now. Sounds like a lot of things are coming from the tech
giant in the upcoming year.
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