Thursday, 18 March 2010

Onkyo BX UMPC Unveiled Onkyo UMPC Revealed, 1.2GHz Processor, Pocket Form-Factor, Expensive

Onkyo hasย unleashedย their new UMPC on the Japanese Public. The BX is
licensed from the UMID M2 design. The BX features some nice specs (for
its size) and a unique, small, form factor, but the price is steep for
the little device.
UMID had just barelyย announcedย their M1 MID when it was revealed the
M2 MID was already in production. The M2 design was licensed to Onkyo
somewhere along the way, and was relea
sed as the Onyko BX. Features of the device include a 1.2GHz Intel Atmo
processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4.8 LCD screen, a 32GB SSD, onboard Intel
graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth and a Web Cam, and all this running Windows XP
SP3. Oh yeah, all this can be yours for only ยฅ64,800 ($729).
A device that is the price of a full-sized notebook, without 3G or a
touchscreen is pretty unappealing. As some also pointed out in the tech
blogosphere today – the keyboard is too small to be typed on
comfortably, but too big to allow you to type with your thumbs. So far,
Onkyo only plans to sell the device in Japan (it's shipping now, for
those interested). No word on a US/Euro release.
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