Friday, 26 March 2010

Palm Project Ares SDK Beta Open to the Public Palm Project Ares SDK Environment Is Completely Web-Based

As you already heard, the Palm Pre Plus is coming at some point in the
near future which means webOS developers should be even more interested
in creating ingenious applications for future Palm smartphones.Palm
seems to think similarly as it has launched a new SDK for developers.
Project Ares is opened for the public and it could be exactly what
developers were looking for. Project Ares is the �fi
rst mobile development environment hosted entirely in a browser,
lowering the barriers for web developers to jump into mobile development. �
Palm s intention is to make it as easy as possible for developers to
create and test applications for its phones. Project Ares is a step in
the right direction and as you can see from the screenshot above,
Project Ares is a completely web-based developing environment.
Developers should be able to move �quickly and seamlessly from editing
in a browser, to debugging on a device, to selling applications in Palm
s App Catalog or on the web. �
Project Ares is now available for public beta so all you have to do in
order to start testing it is sign in with your Palm developer account.
Here s what features you can expect from Project Ares once you sign in:
Complete integrated development environment Drag-and-drop interface
builder Code editor Visual debugger Log viewer Source control
integration Fingertip access to the full library of Mojo UI widgets
Push-button project scene creation Drag-and-drop file upload Instant
project upload download for seamless desktop/cloud workflow Preview
apps in the browser Run apps directly on the webOS emulator or device
(requires SDK installation) Use Ares in Safari, Chrome or Firefox
In case you manage to create some totally cool apps with help of this
new Project Ares, we won t mind taking a look. But mind you,
constructive criticism will apply!
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