Friday, 26 March 2010

Notion Ink MID Tablet Revealed New Tablet Web Browswer Has Tegra, EDGE, 10.1" Dispay, 1080p

Notion Ink is aiming to release a beautiful, large, Android-powered MID
tablet next year. More information will be revealed next month at CES,
but what we have seen, so far, is highly impressive. The tablet will
have an ample 10.1 LCD scree
n and will use NVIDIA's new Tegra processing chipset.
The Notion Ink tablet (so far, unnamed) will come backing an eight core
NVIDIA Tegra processing chipset, and this looks to be one of the first
real world products to ship with the Tegra. Notion Ink and NVIDIA are
claiming that with all that graphics processing power the tablet will be
able to run up to three 1080p HD videos without any frame rate loss. If
that's true, that's impressive, considering it's a mobile device.
The 10.1 LCD touchscreen will be the first to use the Pixel Qi
transflective display technology. As for memory, the Notion Ink will
come with a 16GB or 32GB SSD drive, and an SD memory slot for expansion.
As for connectivity, the tablet will come equipped with a GSM cellular
radio, WiFi and Bluetooth. Notion Ink boasts that the unnamed tablet
will have 16 hours of battery life when web surfing and 8 hours of
battery life when watching HD video. Impressive. So far, only CGI
renders of the device have been shown – with live prototypes to be
shown at CES next month. Expect pricing and a release date to be
revealed at CES, as well.
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