Friday, 26 March 2010

Audi A8 to Bring Google Earth to Its SatNav System New Audi A8 to Count on Google Earth for Directions

Let's say you're one of those filthy rich bastards who can afford the
powerful and expensive new Audi A8. If there's one thing you don't want
to happen while driving that car, is to get lost, which is why any
self-respecting luxury car nowadays will be delivered with a built-in GPS
-based satellite navigation system. But the biggest drawback of such a
system is the fact that maps are being pre-loaded and that they may
require updates.
Well, not if you're buying the new A8, as the German designers are
thinking outside the box by including Google Earth support sometime in
mid-2010, which means free maps from Google's humongous database.
Audi A8's updated SatNav system will have the usual hard-disk navi map
system. But along with that, it has a GPRS/EDGE modem, which will keep
up a constant stream of data updates from Google's servers. You can plan
your route using Google Maps and Google Earth, or even using Audi's
online portal. And all this data can be transmitted to your precious
A8's sophisticated system.
Google Earth will allow Audi A8 drivers to get a three dimensional view
of their surroundings, and also show satellite images and terrain modeling.
Although all new fad car gadget-thingies come first to the big dollar
cars (the new A8 will go for some $80,000), it's very likely this
technology will filter down to mainstream production cars in a few
years. We want!
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