Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Optima OP5-E MID Reviewed Optima's Maemo MID comes with 4.3-inch screen, 3.2-megapixel camera, 3G

Nokia may be sticking with Symbian and ignoring their Maemo OS this
year, but that doesn't mean others have to. Optima plans to release a
sharp-looking 4.3-inch MID device in China. Among the features of this
device, 3G and DivX video playback.
A reviewer from ARMdevices.net got his hands on the Optima OP5-E this
week and put up a review. Th
e MID will come with a ton of features, like a 4.3 screen, 800MHz
processor, 128MB RAM, 3G and WiFi connectivity, GPS and Bluetooth. As
said above, it runs Nokia's Maemo mobile OS, which has quite the
open-source following, so except a well-developed third-party app community.
The MID will be sold through mobile phone provider China Telecom in
China, and will cost $500 before subsidies. The reviewer suggest that
the phone will likely cost around $200 for the consumer and even though
the phone has free VOIP support, he suspects that China Telecom will
block it's usage on their 3G network.
Although this phone will only be released in China for the time being,
Optima is looking for a globalย distributor, so hopefully we see this
thing landing onย foreignย shores sometime soon.
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