Thursday, 18 March 2010

ODROID Gaming Handheld Unveiled Android-powered Gaming Handheld Revealed, Shipping Soon

ODROID, the only Android-based gaming device, quietly started taking
orders some time ago, and now, more pictures and information have been
released on the upcoming platform, and according to their website the
handheld will begin shipping 'soon' to developers.
The first ORDOID's sold will be developer kits, which will feature a
debug programming board, a USB cable to connect the ODROID to a PC,
along with some SD cards and the technical schematics of the device.
This developer kit will set you back $350, and so far is limited to 300
units. It seems that ORDOID is trying to get developers up and running
before the handheld hits wide consumer release.
The ORDOID's stats are impressive, and are considerably more powerful
than the Sony PlayStation Portable (which admittedly, turns six years
old next year). The ORDOID's stats are as follows: 3.5 inch touchscreen,
Cortex-A8 833MHz processor and 512MB DDR2 of RAM. AndroidandMe was
pleased with theย announcementย that the ORDOID will support 720p video
output via a HDMI cable.
The ORDOID will also have WiFi and Bluetooth support.ย The ORDOID is
shipping 'soon' with the developer kits, and will cost you $350. No
timeline or costs for the fullscale consumerย versionย have
beenย announcedย yet.
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