Monday, 22 March 2010

piixL EdgeCenter 3770 Flat PC Revealed Super-Flat PC Attaches To The Back Of Your HDTV, Powerful Specs Inside

London-based startup piixL has revealed their first product, the Edg
eCenter 3770. The EdgeCenter 3770 is a flat computer, designed to be
screwed into the back of a HDTV on the standard VESA mounting format.
The EdgeCenter 3770 is only 30mm (1.18 inches) deep, and some of
theirย optionalย hardware upgrades can give you
aย surprisinglyย high-end computer.
As it piggybacks on the VESA mounting interface, you can fit your new
EdgeCenter 3770 PC on the back of any flat HDTV in between 37-to-70
inches in size. On the bottom of it, it has enough of the standard
audio/visual ports to make it a useful Media Center PC. The Blu-Ray
drive and USB ports are on the side of the computer, and that whole
section will slide in and out, allowing you to retract it for changing a
disk, or plugging it something, then slide it back discreetly behind
your TV.
piixL is offering three different starting editions of the EdgeCenter
3770, each customizable with different hardwareย options. The higher-end
two editions actually are decent, and you could play some modern PC
games on them. (Core i7-870 CPU, 8GB of DDR3 and ATI Radeon HD 5750
enough for you?) All of this flatness comes at a price – these
EdgeCenter 3770s start at pound sterling2,490 ($4,049), and just go up
from there.
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