Thursday, 18 March 2010

NovelQuest Emperor 1510 Work Space Unveiled $5,000 High-End PC Work Station Revealed, tri-monitor setup, LED lighting

NovelQuest has released a 'cheaper' verison of their Emperor 200
'workstation' line. The Emper
or workstations are highly expensive chair-speaker-lighting-desk-monitor
combinations that resemble something found on a Battlestar Galacticaย set.
The Emperor 1510 packs a steel frame, LED lights that light up your
workspace, footrests and a (hopefully) comfortable chair. Your PC or MAC
connects the video, audio, keyboard and mouse inputs in the back of the
chair, which then forward them to the three monitors
andย speakersย built into the chair. An adjustable trayย puts your mouse
and keyboard at your fingertips.
NovelQuest will let you customize the colors of your $5,000 chair,
upgrade your chair from manual to electronically adjustable, and upgrade
to 5.1 surround sound for your computer. NovelQuest says that this
represents the 'future' of officeย environments. An earlier, similar
office 'environment', the Emperor 200 was produced by NovelQuest and
cost an staggering $40,000.
NovelQuest will begin accepting orders for the Emperor 1510 on December
15th. The base chair will cost you $4,950, and that doesn't even include
shipping on this bad boy (I'd estimate it probably weighs close to 500
pounds). While most of us probably won't be getting it, it will make
some professional athlete's son very happy this holiday season
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