Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nintendo Bringing Pink And Blue WiiMotes To US For Valentine's Day Promotion, His Hers Wiimotes Coming To America

Official Wiiย accessoriesย that have been a different color than white
have been mostly absent in the USA, as we missed the black Wiis that hit
Europe, and
the various colored Wii gadgets that hit Japan. However, Americans are
getting in on the fun as Nintendo is bringing blue and pink, his and
hers WiiMotes to the US for a Valentine's Day Promotion.
The specially colored WiiMotes will be sold with Wii MotionPlus dongle
add-ons. The Wii MotionPlus dongles let the controller orient itself in
3D space (meaning, that before, the WiiMote onlyย recognizedย the
motions you were doing). Some Wii games are starting to support the
MotionPlus, as well.
The colored new WiiMotes will be unleashed on Americans on Feb. 14th,
2010, a perfect Valentine's Day gift if your special someone likes
playing with your Wii. No word on pricing, but with the inclusion of the
MotionPlus dongles and the new colors, expect to pay a bit more for
these new 'Motes.
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