Monday, 22 March 2010

NorhTec Gecko Surfboard Is A Linux PC In A Keyboard Coming In January 2010 For Just $99

NorhTec, a Thai computer manufacturer, has revealed the NorhTec Gecko
Surfboard, a keyboard/computer hybrid that takes the torch from the
oft-delayed Asus EEE Keyboard.ย This internet-terminal-in-a-keyboard
will provide basic computing running either Linux for $99 or Windows XP
for $150 by January 2010.
The NorhTec Gecko Surfboard fe
atures a full-size QWERTY keyboard with a numeric pad that also acts as
a low-profile computer case.ย Under the hood, the Gecko Surfboard has a
1GHz x86 SoC (system-on-chip), 512MB RAM and storage via an SD card or
an IDE hard drive.ย For such a basic, low-cost device, it also includes
a surprising range of standard connectivity, including VGA and composite
video outputs, 10/100 ethernet, USB 2.0, serial, audio i/o and optional
WiFi or 3G.
The goal of the NorhTec Gecko Surfboard is to operate as a nettop web
terminal by connecting to an existing television or monitor.ย For just
shy of a hundred bucks, consumers can get basic web browsing in a
low-profile unit that won't take up much desk/counter space.ย While the
design may leave a bit to be desired, the unit delivers what it aims
to.ย Available in January 2010 for $99 (Linux) or $150 (Windows XP).
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