Monday, 22 March 2010

Android And iPhone Neck-And-Neck In Consumer Demand Latest ComScore Study Shows Even Interest In Android And IPhone Devices

Android and iPhone smartphones are nearly tied in a runoff for consumer
demand going into the first quarter of 2010.ย ComS
core has released a study profiling U.S. consumers planning to purchase
a smartphone between November and February.ย 20% were planning to
purchase an iPhone, while 17% of consumers were interested in an
Android-powered product.
Of the combined 37% interest between potential iPhone and Android
consumers, 22% were planning on buying a high end product.ย 14% were
planning on purchasing an iPhone 3GS and 8% were expected to purchase
the Motorola Droid.ย The rest of the iPhone and Android group were
interested in basic Android and iPhone products.
While Android and iPhone were neck-and-neck according to ComScore,
Blackberry maintains a solid lead as 51% of potential buyers were
interested in a Blackberry product.ย Most Blackberry buyers planned on
purchasing a slim Pearl smartphone, which may suggest cost and network
availability was a driving factor in purchasing decisions.ย Blackberry
is currently the only smartphone availabe from all four major U.S. carriers.
Beyond Android, iPhone and Blackberry, only 2% of smartphone buyers were
planning on purchasing a Palm Pre or Windows Mobile AT T Tilt.
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