Monday, 22 March 2010

Cyber Technology's CyberQuad UAV Takes Off Video-Driven Silent Flight Technology For Low Profile Spies

Cyber Technology's CyberQuad UAV is an entirely new style of unmanned
aerial vehicle– and unless you're piloting it, it's a rather scary
little device.ย The Cyber T
echnology CyberQuad is a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned
Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with an on-board camera that can execute nearly
silent operation when hovering above its target.
The CyberQuad UAV is powered by four electric propellers that carry its
on-board camera and battery pack.ย The camera sends a video feed back
to its pilot who controls the CyberQuad with an RC transmitter and video
goggles.ย While the CyberQuad is primarily a reconnaissance device, it
can also carry a payload of up to 3.3 pounds.
Now for the fun stuff– the Cyber Technology CyberQuad can fly at
speeds of up to 43 miles per hour or hover on a dime.ย At 100 feet in
the air, the CyberQuad is inaudible, providing stealth operation for
your sneaky spy maneuvers.ย If you're a handy pilot, you can take-off
and land on flat, secure areas and continue to operate the camera,
giving its battery a nice little life extension.ย In constant
operation, the CyberQuad UAV can run for 40 minutes per charge on a
range of one kilometer.
Pricing and availability for the Cyber Technology CyberQuad UAV has not
yet been published.
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