Friday, 5 March 2010

Nokia's Regent Street Flagship Store in London Closing Nokia Working to Revamp Their Retail Network

Londoners trying to get their hands on the new Nokia E72 (the QWERTY
business phone we all expected) should know that they can't do it
anymore on Regent Street. In an effort to revamp their sales, to fight
against the iPhone and all Androi
d devices that have popped out lately, the Finnish manufacturer has
decided to close down their Regent Street flagship store.
Nokia has officially admitted the news in an email sent to our friends
from Pocket-lint (link below) saying that the company is crystallizing
its branded retail strategy, aiming at improving operational efficiency
of its retail network. This requires revamping of the retail network
and, as a consequence, Nokia has plans to close Nokia Regent Street in
Q1 2010 . But would dropping the location, actually help them get more
market share given the iPhone and BlackBerry success in Europe and the
US? Probably not!
The whole deal comes after rumors concerning Amazon's UK entrance into
the brick and mortar business with high street stores, so thinking that
they're after that spot in London, does sound plausible — only if
Amazon wouldn't have denied all these rumors already today. Isn't
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