Friday, 5 March 2010

Nokia UNIK Concept Revealed UNIK Lego Like Cell Phone Concept Revealed

Nokia has revealed a new concept cell phone, the UNIK. The phone part of
UNIK will be a slim and slender touchscreen design, however the real
feature here is the backside, which will feature a LEGO-like board
whereย customersย will be able to create designs of their own choosing
on the backside with little bricks.
The UNIK will be highly marketed as a fashion accessory, and users will
buy the phone, then buy different packages of these blocks from Nokia
shops, allowing them to furtherย customizeย their phones. The unit when
you purchase it will also come with some default starter blocks, and
Nokia hints that partners (like Nike, Sonia Rykiel and Mini) will put
out their own licensedย specialtyย d
The blocks will be made from various materials, including plastic, metal
and even rubber. No idea on the actual phone, but blog Gizmodo seems to
think that it will be a lower-end phone to help Nokia fill that niche.
No pricing,ย availabilityย or launch date information has been released
yet. This is just a concept yet, so don't hold your breath – it
might never come out.
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