Friday, 5 March 2010

Fusion Garage Joo Joo Tablet Unveiled CrunchPad turns into the JooJoo, 12-inch screen, WiFi, Linux

What was the TechCrunch CrunchPad has become the Fusion Garage JooJoo.
Following a disagreement between TechCrunch's superblogger Michael
Arrington and Fusion Garage – the people manufacturingย the
CrunchPad, the deal fell out and Fusion Garage is pressing forward by
producing the large tablet webย browserย by themselves.
The JooJoo will sport a superwide 12 capactive touchscreen, a 4GB SSD,
and WiFi
connectivity, along with 5 hours of battery life. The JooJoo will use
a Linux-based OS that will ONLY feature a webย browser, making this
thing exclusively a MID (until somebody hacks it – that is) The OS
will not be Chrome OS, apperantly. Unfortunately, the JooJoo will come
at a price of $500, which is well above many netbooks and might not be
worth it, even for such a nice unit. Fusion Garage will begin accepting
pre-orders on the tablet this Friday.
As for the drama-laden backstory between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage:
TechCrunch's side is that following some badย negotiationย between the
two, Fusion Garage decided to remove TechCrunch from their own CrunchPad
project. Fusion Garage alleges that they had been working on the JooJoo
long before the CrunchPad concept was ever conceived.
The story might not be over though, as TechCrunch's Michael Arrington
has taken legal action against Fusion Garage. Fusion Garage doesn't seem
to care, as they will begin taking pre-orders. Whatever happens with the
legal dispute and whoever you agree with, it would be a shame to see
this nice (albeit, expensive) tablet get shelved forever because of a
legal struggle..
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