Sunday, 28 February 2010

Samsung Sold 50 Million Touchscreen Phones to Date 40 Million Touchscreen Handsets Sold in 2009 Alone

I don t know what happened today as everyone is bragging about their
business. Sure it s the end of another month and Black Friday has just
passed by, but the holiday shopping season is still underway. We ve seen
Amazon showing off its record K
indle sales for November and now it s time for Samsung to come out with
a similar announcement.But unlike Amazon, which failed to back its press
release with actual numbers, Samsung has some impressive figures today.
The giant handset manufacturer has announced that it has sold the 50
millionth touchscreen phone to date. Even more impressive is the fact
that 40 million touchscreen cell phones have been sold by the Korean
company this year alone.
On comparison Apple has over 30 million iPhones sold since the launch of
the device and RIM has sold about 50 million BlackBerry smartphones so
far. Sure Samsung doesn t have a unique handset to sell as good as the
iPhone but it certainly doesn t look like it s desperate about
developing one.
On the other hand it looks like more and more people are choosing a
phone with a touch-friendly interface these days. Whether it s a
smartphone or a dumber phone but filled with extra features accessible
through a touchscreen UI, customers are slowly becoming used to the new
handset trend.
A trend imposed by Apple of course and quickly followed by every
manufacturer in the business, including Samsung. The most successful
touchscreen handsets that Samsung sold this year are the Samsung S5230
which sold in 10 million copies within six months from getting launched,
the F480 which sold 9 million units since May 2008 and the S3650 Corby
which sold 3 million units since September 2009.
With so many touchscreen phones sold it s no wonder that Samsung wants
to introduce its own OS. bada is going to officially be unveiled next
month in London and once properly launched it could help Samsung sell
even more touchscreen devices next year. It seems that Samsung is
following another trend imposed by Apple with bada. The new OS will come
with support for lots of applications and we all know by now that apps
play an important part in that whole touchscreen phone experience.

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