Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Apple Sets Date for WWDC 2010 Next-Gen iPhone to be Announced From June 28 - July 2?

It s almost 2010, folks, so we have to start thinking about the new year
and what it will bring us. We know for sure that Apple is going to
launch a new iPhone. Well actually we don t know that for sure but we
assume that Cupertino will want to upgrade the iPhone 3GS in 2010.It s
too early to talk about the next-gen iPhone although various rumors
surrounding it have already emerged. The next-gen iPhone is rumored to
arrive with more memory on board and analysts expect it to also come
with CDMA support for Verizon. Like always, Apple hasn t confirmed any
of this and it will surely not spill the beans on the new iPhone until
the next WWDC.
But what Apple did w
as to schedule its next WWDC. The Moscone Center Calendar has a
�Corporate Event � scheduled from June 28, 2010 through July 2, 2010 in
the Moscone West Hall. Well it might all be a coincidence but Apple has
used the same title to book previous events at the Moscone Center so we
can assume that we re talking about the WWDC 2010 here.
It looks like the 2010 iPhone will arrive a little later than its older
brothers. Is Apple waiting for the exclusivity agreement with AT T to
expire? The original iPhone arrived on June 29, 2007 and that s also
when a 3-year partnership between Apple and AT T started. The fact that
the agreement will expire next June might explain the late Moscone
Center reservation.
It s either that or Apple has some difficulties with the next-gen iPhone
which could prevent it to launch the new phone at the beginning of June
The rumored future partner of Apple, Verizon, hasn t commented on a
possible CDMA iPhone. But Verizon officials did claim that the network
could handle the iPhone and the extra traffic that comes with the device.
And let s not forget that T-Mobile is also rumored to launch the iPhone
at some point in the future so we might be in for quite a surprise come
next June.
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