Sunday, 28 March 2010

Great Career iPhone App Can Get You a New Job Plan Your Career with a New Book-Based iPhone App

There are over 100,000 apps in Apple s App Store and today we re going
to be looking at one particular app that fits perfectly with the current
times. It s not a Christmas-related app as you might expect but it s a
career-oriented application. The �Great Career � iPhone app has just
been announced and it is based on a n
ew book, �Great Work, Great Career: How to Create Your Ultimate Job and
Make an Extraordinary Contribution. �If you re currently out of a job
and looking into a new career, investing in an iPhone/iPod touch might
not be the smartest thing to do considering the fact that you re already
living on a certain monthly budget. If you have the iPhone/iPod touch
already, then you can go ahead and spend an extra $9.99 for the app. It
seems expensive but it might just contain some of the answers you were
looking for.
The iPhone app has been launched by the co-authors of the new book
mentioned above. Stephen Covey and Jennifer Colosimo will help you focus
on your strengths in order to get yourself a new job meant to better
accommodate your dreams.
The application itself should help you identify various needs in your
career pursuit. Here are some features of the application which should
be very helpful on the way: Know Your Strengths Define Your Contribution
Build Your Village Find Resources Action Center Ask an Expert
A bunch of videos are also available as you go through the application
and discounts for FranklinCovey events are going to be found within the
Don t expect the application to be the perfect solution for all your
current problems. The economy is down and unemployment rates are still
growing in most countries so a career change is definitely not an easy
task to accomplish. The Great Career iPhone app could be exactly the
motivational impulse you need to make a change but ultimately it s up to
you to make all the right, or wrong, decisions along the way. Let us
know if Great Career worked for you or not.
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