Thursday, 18 March 2010

Factron Simplex Case Adds Lens To iPhone Factron Produces Metal Case For iPhone, Supports Camera Lens For iPhone Camera

s Factron has unleashed this metallic case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
The 48g case (the iPhone itself weighs 133g) is made out of Duralumin,
the same material used in jet engines and has support for Factron's
SLR-like camera lenses for the iPhone's fixed-focus 2.0 megapixel camera.
Factron boasts that the Simplex case uses the same 'precision screws
used in wristwatches', but the real attaction here isn't the Seiko
screws, jet engineย aluminiumย alloy or the hip industrial look it gives
your phone – the case enables you to use Factron's line of camera
lenses that they sell for the iPhone.
In addition to the $200 case, iPhone camera fanatics can also purchase
lens ranging in price from $20 to $60, for the iPhone, each with
aย differentย purpose (close up lens, superwideย conversionย lens, etc).
Given the high price of the case, one has to wonder if this is a
razor-and-razorblades model where Factron is losing money on the lens
and making it back on the case.
You could buy a decent standalone digital camera for $260, but if iPhone
photography is your thing, and you have the desire to improve the
iPhone's single focus digital camera, then Factron has got what you need
to fill that niche. The case and lens are now shipping.
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