Monday, 1 March 2010

Microsoft, BBC disagree over BBC iPlayer on Xbox Live Microsoft BBC disagree on paid subscriptions regarding iPlayer

Are you hotlyย anticipatingย the release of the BBC iPlayer on the Xbox
360? Well, your now going to be waiting 'indefinitely' as the BBC and
Microsoft have reached anย impasseย over the iPlayer. The disag
reement stems from Microsoft wanting to restrict the service to Xbox
Live subscribers only.
A source within the BBC's Future Mediaย divisionย talked to The Daily
Telegraph and leaked information on the disagreement. Both sides are
coming from different directions, as Microsoft wants to promote the
usefulness of a Gold Membership, but the BBC wants to give as many
people access to the iPlayer as possible.
Microsoft only wants to offer its users access to platforms it can
charge for as this is the model it is pursuing. It wants to ensure that
only those paying for Xbox Live Gold accounts can access its additional
content services and even then there is usually a charge on top to get
access to those. ... This does not fit with the BBC s model and
Microsoft will not budge at the moment. It is really frustrating for
those involved on the BBC side. ... The BBC source told the Daily
The BBC is legally unable to charge British citizens for the iPlayer,
due to that TV license that British citizens must pay per television set
in their home. The proceeds of that license go to the BBC. A BBC channel
already exists on the Playstation 3 and Wii. Microsoft declined to
comment about the situation to the Daily Telegraph.
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