Monday, 1 March 2010

MiFi & iPod Touch Available From 3 3 iPod Touch & MiFi Portable Wireless Router Bundle Released, Allows for 'Out and About' Net Access

The UK s 3 mobile network has announced its now offering MiFi portable
wireless router bundled with an iPod Touch which, once paired with the
aforementioned MiFi device using the Touch s WiFi connectivity, allows
users to obtain net access whilst �out and about .
In what s a pretty shrewd move from 3 " who, incidentally, don t
presently carry the iPhone " the iPod Touch, whilst, as you ll know,
shares most of the functionality of the iPhone 3G (aside from being a
phone, GPS, digital compass) can consequently gain net access for
browsing, emailing and the like freed from its dependency on either your
home network or established WiFi hotspots " all thanks to the MiFi
acting as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
The iPod touch offers a really great browsing experience, but as with
so many devices with Wi-Fi capabilities, the internet function rarely
gets used because hotspots are so hard to come by , Charlotte Blanchard,
director of products and services at 3, said. Now with MiFi on 3, iPod
touch users can get wireless internet whenever they want on the network
that's designed and built for the mobile internet .
The 3 MiFi and iPod Touch bundle will set you back pound sterling23
based on you signing up to a two year contract for which, aside from
getting an iPod Touch and the MiFi portable wireless router you ll get a
5GB data allowance per month which, according to 3, will see you good
for around 72 hours of internet browsing or allow you to download around
800 music tracks.

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