Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Keystick Foldable Keyboard Revealed Keystick Portable Keyboard For Dirty Public Computers

A pair of Japanese Korean designers have unveiled their design for the
'Keystick', a fold-able compact portable keyboard. The keyboard is apart
of their 'None Bacteria Project', and it isn'tย intendedย for the
travel-heavy or smartphone users – instead, its supposed to
prevent bacteria-consciousย users from having to use public computer
Public health andย cleanlinessย is a high concern in Japan, so it's no
surprise that this keyboard concept has come out of that country. This
(so far, conceptual) keyboard comes with a USB dongle that will attach
to a public computer, allowing you to wirelessly interact with your own
bacteria-free keyboard. This device could be more popular in the US and
Europe as the ultimate travel keyboard.
Don't get your hopes up for a release near you anytime soon. The
Keystick was designed for a design contest and isn't an actual product
or even conceived by a hardware engineer who has build things in
reality. Still, there's always a chance that company could attempt a
similar design and bring it to real life – orย possiblyย license
this concept from the designers.
(I mistook the Korean designers for Japanese when Iย originallyย wrote
this post. Apologies to all – thanks to C.S. Magor for the heads up.)
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