Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Amazon's Disc+ Service Allows Video On Demand With DVD Purchase Disc+ Lets You Watch Your Movie Now While Your DVD Is Shipping

Amazon's new Disc+ service allows customers who have purchased certain
DVDs or Blu-Ray discs to watch their movie rig
ht away, via streaming over the internet. Amazon is calling the
digitalย versionย a 'free gift' and Amazon is reportedly testing
customer reaction with this service before expanding it.
The Disc+ service isn'tย eligibleย on all movie titles, instead, it's
only about 300 of the 330,000 DVDs and Blu-Ray discs currently offered
on Amazon. As with all streaming content, the movie studios have to sign
off on it, which is why not all DVDs for sale have thisย option.
The digital version can be streamed off of Amazon.com, or downloaded to
your computer or even TiVo. Amazon is calling the Disc+
digitalย versionย a 'gift' and saying this 'promotion' is a limited time
only feature. For wise guys who would buy a movie for the digital
edition, then return the DVD for a full refund – you'll be billed
for the Video On Demand.
The promotion is now up and running, albeit, only for 300 titles and
only for a limited time offer. If you're curious, hit up Amazon.com and
look for the Disc+ icon to see if your next DVD purchase
isย availableย for the 'free gift'.
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