Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Google Phone Confirmed Information Released On Google-Branded Handset

Rumors about Google making their own attempt at phone hardware has been
around since the time of the iPhone orginal release in 2007. Most
assumed Google's Android mobile OS was what became of those rumors,
although, last month, rumors and more rumors began resurfacing about a
Google-branded handset, and t
urns out, they're true.
Google has confirmed that it is 'dogfood' testing a new Android device,
one sporting a Google logo and purportedly the Google Phone by giving
samples to Google employees around the world. Reaction on Twitter from
the Google employees has been positive. The phone runs on a Snapdragon
chip, and reactions from people who have used one are that it's really,
really fast .
The handset is being designed by HTC, and is based on the HTC Passion
(pictured above). According to TechCrunch, Google dictated the design of
the phone at every level and the phone will represent 'the way an
Android phone should be'. Google will be selling the Google Phone (it's
real name) as an unlocked GSM phone, instead of dealing with pesky
telcoms or exclusivity plans. The phone is set to be released in January
2010. No information on pricing was released, but being sold unlocked
without a subsidy, expect to pay big for the Google Phone.
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