Thursday, 18 March 2010

iriver E30 Released in China, Israel iriver's Small No-Frills MP3 Player Released, 8GB, FM Tuner, 52 Hours Of Battery Life

iriver already showed off their E30 earlier this year, but the basic MP3
players are now shipping in certain countries in the world. iriver's new
E30 aims for the entry-level market niche, but sports an impressive
52-hour battery life.
The iriver E30 has been released in China and Israel. As for storage,
the E30 comes in flavors of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, with a 1.8 color display.
It'll play any of the popular audio formats, and will even play SMV
video. The real attraction here is the claim by iriver of a 52-hour
battery life while listening to music. Of course, that's their number
and your results may vary. Watching that video cuts it down to a 10th
– only 5 hours of battery life while watching video.
Other features of the no-frills MP3 Player include a FM tuner, with the
ability to record radio, and a photo viewer. The 2GB model will cost you
โ�ช250 in Israel, which roughly comes out to $66. No information is out
on a possible European/US release, which is too bad because these would
make great stocking-stuffersย for the holiday season.
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