Thursday, 18 March 2010

Intel Atom D510 & D410 Processor Benchmark Upcoming Intel Atom CPUs D510 vs D410, Tested Out

Intel Atom has almost become the de-facto standard in processors when it
comes to low power computing. Part of the wide range of portable
gadgets, and that includes everything fr
om netbooks and nettops to tablet PCs, the biggest drawback of the
initial Atom chip was the single processor. But with Intel now releasing
a dual-core version of the same processor that became popular months
ago, it's only natural to agree with the fact that the Atom is now part
of a bigger revolution.
The guys over running German website CarTFT, were able to get their
hands on some samples of both the Atom D510 and D410 processors (nettop
versions), and inevitably, they went ahead and pitted it against the
existing processors and platforms. On top of that they did some
benchmarking and the results were not very surprising.
The new generation chips pull ahead of the current-generation chips in
terms of pure computing power. In tests such as those using the Super PI
benchmarking application, the new gen chips show their processing power,
but there is much less parity with the older chips when it comes to real
world applications. An Atom 330+nVidia ion combo is able to beat the new
CPUs both in terms of Windows 7 performance and 3DMark '03 tests. In
other words, the D510 and the D410 are ahead of their older brothers.
In terms of power consumption, the new Atoms pull in 33W and 26W at peak
and idle, respectively. This is lesser than the already frugal 40-45W
consumed by the Atom 330+945GC pair.
The new platform (PineView) was never intended to be a killer in
performance since Intel would then end up hurting their own business in
the mainstream processors niche. To conclude, it just goes on to show
that the CPU isn't as important as the CPU/Chipset/GPU combination, but
still has the awe to get our eyes.
Don't you think?
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